Access Control

Smartphone Based and Wire-free Access Control Systems.


People are ever more willing to use their smartphone to carry over everyday activities. Access control is still based on pre-smartphone technologies. Keys, RFID and wire-based access control systems are the past. Bottega52 has developed a new product that addresses these market needs by developing, integrating and commercialising distributed infrastructures for modern, mobile based and cost effective control access systems.

Access control systems by Bottega52 are commercialed by a subsidiary company: SOFIA SRL.


Sofia SRL (http://www.sofia-srl.it) develops and commercializes robust cloud and mobile integrated systems that allows our users to easily and securely virtualize their key management processes: no more time spent to lend and collect them, no more large and inconvenient keyrings, no more keys lost and corresponding cylinders substituted.

Sofia SRL is the only company offering a service that allows homeowners, building managers, and building management companies to generate and revoke credentials for any guest, allowing them to go through a set of smart locks using their smartphones only. Thanks to Sofia's service, building/access managers can remotely authorize and deauthorize users - be them the building owners themselves, their guests, employees of professional cleaning services, electricians, plumbers, technicians, and the like. On the one hand, this dramatically simplifies and automates all aspects related to the key management process; on the other, this significantly improves the overall user experience, as the trend of centralizing users’ activities within their smartphones confirms.

Sofia works with ISEO Serrature SpA as privileged system integrators of their smart locks in our (or third parties) access control systems. ISEO Serrature SpA is one of the leading european market leaders in the locks and smart locks manufacturing industry.

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