Backend Engineering

We design, implement, deploy, and maintain scalable and secure distributed backend services systems for web, cloud and IoT applications

What you need

A high quality software product: secure, robust, scalable. You also need a partner capable to share the knowledge required to effectively design, implement, deploy, and maintain such products: Bottega52 is here to help you.

What we do

We are experts at designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining complex backend software systems.


Software Engineering

No successful software system can be attained without expert software engineering - a competence we excel at.

Twelve-Factors Approach

Modern, horizontal software engineering principles spanning the whole of the system stack. Your software will be future proof, from day zero.

Microservices-driven Design

An expertise that is part of the competences required to implement modern, successful software products: exploit our knowledge to design your future-proof systems.

DevOps & Continuous Integration

Modern applications require a streamlined approach to software maintenance: we are experts at continuous integration as a key element to successful software development practices.

Agile, User & Driven Design

No one needs a software product that doesn’t fit the actual business needs. We have experience in the discovery of latent software requirements and the refinement of pre-existing ones by means of excellent requirements engineering and project management skills.

Security Assessments & Perfective Maintenance

We partner with market leaders in the computer security industry in order to routinely assess the security of our systems, pentest them, and correct security faults as the community discover then-unknown security issues.

Scalable Designs

The performance of a software system is a frequently underestimated aspect of software design. Not for us, as we always design your software products with scalability in mind from day zero.

Defensive Programming

Security is a predominant concern for every business. We develop our systems using a defensive approach to minimize the risks associated to the exposure of our systems to a public network.

Software Stack

About Bottega52 SRL

Bottega52 designs, implements, deploys, and maintains software solutions to create Cloud based systems, Mobile apps and Internet of Things applications.

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