Frotend Engineering

Web frontend UX/UI design, responsive interfaces, back-office interfaces and internet services

What you need

You are looking for effective interfaces for both your end users and your back office personnel. You are looking for solutions that will be compatible across multiple browsers; the investment that you are making must last for years to come.

What we do

We engineer, develop, deploy and maintain beautiful, usable, and effective multiplatform web frontends.


User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI)

UX and UI are core competencies that we exploit to deliver best in class frontend web solutions that are both usable and beautiful.


We are experts at designing both RESTful WOA and interfaces that consumes them. The resulting strong decoupling makes our interfaces easier to test, deploy, maintain, and upgrade when necessary.


We apply our competences in terms of systems engineering also on the frontend side to build blazing fast interfaces. We leverage all kinds of optimizations: caching, lazy loading, paging, compression, minification, just to name a few.

Reactive Interfaces

We are pioneers in the adoption of reactive technologies like React and Functional Reactive Programming for Angular 2.

Modular Interfaces

We develop our interfaces by developing and reusing a large codebase of well tested components, allowing us to both speed up the development time and deliver high quality interfaces.

Testing & Continuous Integration

No modern software system can do without a systematic approach to testing (before) during and after development. Thanks to our competences we effectively and systematically test and integrate our systems.

Asynchronous Models of Communication

Your next web service/application is a distributed system, that intrinsically communicates in an asynchronous manner with its components. We are highly knowledgeable about the various models of communication that must be applied to deliver best in class frontend solutions.

Agile Development/Fast Mockup Iteration

Frontend engineering can be a form of art, at times. Like every piece of art, it takes time and a trial-and-error approach to reach a mature state. We work side by side with our customers to rapidly iterate among various mockups to reduce the time between your idea and our result.

Software Stack

About Bottega52 SRL

Bottega52 designs, implements, deploys, and maintains software solutions to create Cloud based systems, Mobile apps and Internet of Things applications.

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