Infrastructure Engineering

Design, creation and maintenance of scalable, reliable and secure cloud or on-premise infrastructures

What you need

You need to deploy a distributed service serving your business needs. You are concerned about the business continuity and the costs of your infrastructure.

What we do

We design, develop, deploy, and maintain highly resilient, high performance, geographically distributed services in public, hybrid, and private clouds.



We are experts at deploying cloud infrastructures on major public and hybrid cloud providers.


Costs, privacy, and security are every decision makers’ concerns. We are here to assist you in designing, develop, deploy, and maintain private cloud or on-premise infrastructures.


Virtualization is required to effectively isolate and monitor portions of the customer’s infrastructure.


Modern distributed architectures rely on both virtualization and containerization to obtain performance and resiliency. We offer you our expertise in both to deliver excellent software systems.


Availability is a stringent requirement, and a complex one to attain. We are experts at designing both infrastructures and software products aimed at highly available systems.


Your product will be successful; your infrastructure must be proportionally scalable. We attain scalability by sophisticated infrastructure and software development.


No one wants their business’ data at risk of being lost due to hardware or software faults. As part of our infrastructure expertise, we design or configure, deploy, and maintain effective data stores designed to protect yourself from any data-loss risk.

Continuous Integration

No one wants their infrastructure to become unavailable when old or unprotected components are updated. We always provide our customers with a secure continuous integration process that guarantees high availability also during systems updates.

Software Stacks

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Bottega52 designs, implements, deploys, and maintains software solutions to create Cloud based systems, Mobile apps and Internet of Things applications.

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